Sunday, September 18, 2011
KAWAN :) at 3:17 AM

dear friends :)
some people pass through this world and leave it just as they found it , but people like you take time to do something special thing for others that make the world more beautiful ,
thanks you my dearest friends , ILY <3
you know you love me

Friday, September 16, 2011
awesome :) at 10:13 AM

dear awesome friends , sorry sebab aku dah lama sangatsangat tak update blog sebab aku malas dan malas dan malas , alaaa lagi pon tk ad benda nak cite , benda yang sama je nanti aku cite , haih . oke nie nak cite nie , haha . tadi pegi open house rumah member aku pastuh balik dalam pukul 7 lebih lah , waktu nak balik tuh hujan lebat gila , haa tuh je lah yang aku nak cite , kan aku dah ckp memang tak ad cite nak dicerita , ape lahh korang nie . hahaha , oke bye :)
you know you love me



PhotobucketHi , I'm Nurul Atiqah Binti Zainal but i prefer to call me Tieqah. I wan born to be sweet person on October 11, 1994. I do love to play instruments especially guitar. Thank you for visiting and i hope you will like my post entries. Enjoy friends.


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